Truck Weigh in Motion

Truck In Motion Scale

Product Details:
  • Weighing Capacity: 300 Kg
  • Material: MS
  • Type: Electronic

We, the distinguished entity in the industry of weighing equipments, are known to be the leading manufacturer and exporter of the Truck In Motion Scale. These scales can easily weight the truck when in motion. Integrated with latest technology, these motion scales are available in different capacities to choose from. Our clients can easily get these scales from us at the industry leading prices. Manufactured from supreme quality of metals and components, the entire range of Truck In Motion Scale is in strict confirmation with the international standards.

Further Details:

As acknowledge tear and wear of roads are determined by the vehicle weight. Toll authorities uses our range, which is based on weigh-in-motion advancement to judge the precise roll categorization while maintaining the traffic moving.
We are providing our truck in motion scale, which has sturdy structure that prominently enhances scale reliability in heft-duty activity. It also facilitates to record accurate setting into the road in the course of installation, which also reduces the cost involved. The weighbridge is linked to the signals horn and traffic lights to regulate vehicle movement. We can also deliver video camera for transport detection and transport picture capturing to the customers as per their demand.
Close Coupled Axles :
The platform is particularly designed to have all collections of axles such as tandem, single and triple, which are simply weighed as electronic can determine the weights of each axle distinctively. Close joined axles with air suspension or spring cause no trouble to the weighbridge that will yield respective axles of up to 30 Ton each.


  • Immediate inspection for road legal load.
  • Completely unmanned weighing operation.
  • Weighs numerous vehicles per day.
  • Daily recorded information computes the vehicle productivity.
  • Mechanical information of images and weight of vehicle.
  • Axle weight, number of axles and gross weight can be recorded.
  • Recorded information can be stored for future or can be sent through internet to the server.
  • Technically advanced
  • Ability to weigh heavy load
  • Integrated with accurate sensors
An ambit of computer software and indicators is obtainable for EAGLE axle, which permit authorities to select the optimum apparatus for their imposition requirements. The axle is specially suitable where accordance with legislation is essential as excessive speed weights are mechanically spotted so that transports cannot be given with wrong weighing tickets. The policy is to create only superior quality items by integrating modern advancements. Special focus is placed in the durability and reliability of the product, so that the company undertakes its own patterns and produce to keep the important level of the quality regulation.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: TIMS

Truck Weigh In Motion

With our two decades of rich experience, we have marked a distinct position in the industry as a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of quality Truck Weigh In Motion. These are manufactured under the supervision of our highly knowledgeable team using premier grade materials procured from well-known vendors of the industry. Our weigh in motions are used in capturing and recording axle weight and gross weight of the vehicles. Furthermore, our quality departments check these on various parameters of quality to ensure flawless finish. Offered Truck Weigh In Motions are available in various technical specifications and at affordable prices.

Essae Truck Weigh in motion System (TWIM) is a reliable, robust, maintenance-free weighing mechanism designed to be used on highway entries with non-stop heavy traffic. Weighing accuracy and performance are approved for law enforcement purposes and trade use.

Essae TWIM system provides significant cost savings over full-platform and axle scales when speed is critical and vehicle weighing is an integral part of the operation. The vehicle loads (wheel, axle, GVW, load ratios) are automatically analysed and results are displayed on operators PC monitor, the driver gets the corresponding printout and the data are also recorded for further reporting or can be sent via Internet. This results in minimum operators mistakes, offers inbuilt data protection and allows vehicle to put upto 180 vehicles per hour.

key Features:

  • Extensively demanded due to high level of accuracy
  • Negligible maintenance and longer operational life
  • Easy installation over all kinds of terrains
  • Rugged design for load-bearing capacity and maximize Operational Productivity
  • Installation, design, installation, manufacturing and after-sales support over 86 locations in the country
  • Reducing the installation costs and video camera for vehicle detection
  • It is designed to take maximum load of 40 to 50 ton per axle.
  • An extremely important investment at check posts, octroi nakas, and transport department to detect overload of the vehicles.
  • When any vehicle passes over the platform, the individual axle weight, the number of axles and the total weight of the vehicle are detected.
  • Its construction significantly improves scale reliability in heavy-duty operation

Further Details:

Our truck weigh in motion determines the weight of vehicle while it is moving. It also gathers traffic volumes through vehicle weight and categorization. The information also comprise time, speed, date, vehicle extent by axle spacing and weight of the axle. There are two kinds of WIM apparatus utilized including piezo and bending plate.
TPP utilized curving plat WIM tool to gather information up to 15 locations and do survey two days during each quarter of a year. Information is gained from all running locations annually for future acknowledgment. The numerical term of WIM sited for which information is accessible ranges each year because of road conditions, road WIM hardware and construction.

Close Coupled Axles:

The platform is fabricated to have every amalgamations of axles.
Tandem, tri and sinel-axle combinations are simple weighed due to the electronics, which can computed the weigh of every sole axle.
Copmpact coupled axles with air or spring suspension are not troubles to the weighbridge that will have independent axles up to 30 ton each.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: TWIM

Truck Weigh in Motion

Product Details:
  • Weighing Capacity: 120 tons
  • Size: 845 mm * 3275 mm (Outer Dimension)
  • Accuracy: +/-1% to +/-2
  • Communication Options: GSM/ GPRS, RS232, TCP/IP Wi fi

Sold More than 500 Machines .

Irrefutable Solution for Trucking Terminals

Trucks with axle load higher than legal limits cause a disproportionately higher percentage of damage to the infrastructure and adverse impact on traffic safety. Essae Truck Weigh in motion System (TWIM) is a robust, reliable, maintenance-free weighing mechanism designed for use on highway entries with non-stop heavy traffic. Weighing accuracy and performance are approved for trade use and for law enforcement purposes.

When speed is critical and vehicle weighing is an integral part of the operation, Essae TWIM system provides significant cost savings over full-platform and axle scales. The vehicle loads (wheel, axle, GVW, load ratios) are automatically analysed, compared to legal limits and results are displayed on operator’s PC monitor, the driver gets the corresponding printout and the data are also recorded for further reporting or can be sent via LAN or Internet to the server.. This minimizes operator’s mistakes, offers inbuilt data protection and allows vehicle throughput up to 180 vehicles per hour.

Essae Automatic TWIM weighing system

Its rigid construction significantly improves scale reliability in heavy-duty operation and helps to achieve precise positioning into the road during installation thus reducing the installation costs. The weighbridge is connected to traffic lights and signal horn to control vehicle movement. Video camera for vehicle detection and vehicle image capturing can be delivered as optional equipment.

Key Benefits

  • Instant check for road legal weight
  • Fully unattended weighing operation
  • Weighs hundreds of vehicles daily
  • Daily reporting measures vehicle productivity
  • Automatic recording of weight and images of vehicles
  • Gross weight, axle weights, numbers of axles can be recorded
  • Data records can be stored for future use or can be sent via LAN or Internet to the server.

Truck Weighing System

Our expertise lies in manufacturing, exporting and supplying a wide range of Truck Weighing System. Furthermore, with the assistance of our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit, we develop our offered range using sophisticated tools and equipment that assure its dimensional accuracy. Offered Truck Weighing System products are highly valued among clients for their high quality, durability and low maintenance. Furthermore, we are offering our offered range as per the varied specifications of clients.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for all make and models of trucks
  • High sensitive weight sensors for accurate weight measurement
  • Compatible for computer interface due to PC software
  • Provided as portable and permanent weigh in motion with same basic components
  • Industries
  • Raw material
  • Mines
  • Production and dispatch
  • Check post
  • Overboard and enforcement
  • Private weigh bridge
  • Commercial weighing
  • Refineries
  • Filling and dispatch
  • Fully electronic
  • Fully automatic
  • Reports generation
  • Weighment slip and billing
  • Truck memory storage

Further Details:

Our truck weighing system is available in electromechanical or full-electronic and hydraulic kinds with either steel or concrete platforms. Whereas, low profile units provide easy fabrication with nominal foundation needs while pit sort fabrications are often the prime pick for usage in critical climates or when grain is to be released from the truck onto a transporter attached under the scale platform. The multi-platform units are utilized at the same time measure the axle weight of the truck while acquiring its complete weight as well. Tuck weighing apparatus hindering maintenance, service and calibration is also obtainable.Our truck weighing system includes various specification with distinctive choice to enhance their utility for both driver and operator. Choices comprise truck administration software, remote displays, video surveillance, power conditioning, traffic lights and so on. The range, which we are offering are consider as an ideal equipment for any mobile transport weighing usages. It is light in weight, which helps ease in picking up and move.Due to its dependability, accuracy and portability, our product is used in cargo hefty equipment weighing, military deployment, commercial truck weighing, law enforcement and industrial utilization.

Some of the salient attributes:
  • The easy vernier weighing system dial is distinctly market for optimum visibility.
  • Free from almost practically and indestructible maintenance.
  • It requires no electronics or battery to perform operations in any unconventional and rough surrounding and unbalanced surfaced like gravel, cement, off-level surfaces, dirt and tar.
  • Non skip bottom and ramp offer exit and entry of the scale in a simple manner.
  • Due to its light weight, it is simple to setup by using particular designed pliable scale handles.
  • Yields repeatable and remarkable accuracy.
  • It is temperature compensated in any severe climatic situations as each critical portions are sealed and included in dust-proof enclosure.
  • TWIM

Weigh In Motion System

Product Details:
  • Weighing Capacity: 280 Kg
  • Material: MS
  • Type: Electronic

Committed to quality, we are indulged in offering Weigh In MotionSystem to the clients that is specially suited for designing, monitoring and research applications. This device is ideal for recording the axle as well as gross vehicle weights at the areas where it is installed. The provided device is manufactured with high level of precision by utilizing quality-tested basic materials and cutting-edge techniques as per international standards. Furthermore, we are offering this Weigh In Motion System to the clients in various technical specifications at negotiable costs.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for recording weight data at low as well as high speeds
  • Open platform based automated and modular device
  • Compatible with different kinds of equipments and computers
  • High precision weight measurement during multi-lane operations

Further Details:

Weigh in motion system is an effective solution for an assortment of low and high speed weigh in motion (LS/HS-WIM) utilization as stated by global standards. It records and maintains weights of axles, vehicles (gross) and wheels passing above weighing sensors inserted in road walkway. Every measurements are done at usual traffic paces, so an intact transport weighing can be executed unaccompanied by any traffic circulation disturbances.

Additional Features

  • Our weigh in motion systems are designed for genuine multi-path dual-directional free circulation measurement and confirms the precision of each measured grounds of the transport in both road ways as well as when driving through road lanes.
  • The precision od weighing can be minored bye non-quality vehicle behavious (deceleration, shoulder driving, acceleration, lane traversing, etc.) or various other impacts (poor road or vehicle situations, unever load distribution, etc.). Just to confirm whether the computed values are in the elucidated precise class, the apparatus offers modern measurement creditbility evalution.
  • Our system can be amalgamated with several other ITS systems like section/spot imposistion systems, vehicle search, dimension in-motion, etc.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: WIM

In Motion Truck Weigh

Product Details:
  • Weighing Capacity: 40 to 50 ton per axle
  • Type: Computerized
  • Vehicle throughput: 180 vehicles per hour
  • Vehicle Loads: wheel, axle, GVW, load ratios

In Motion Truck Weigh

Each In Motion Truck Weigh system consist of the following components. These components will vary with the type of system you require.

  • Weight sensors - the hardware that weighs the vehicle. The type of sensor depends on your system requirements - portable or permanent installation. Please see below.
  • Cabling - connects the weight sensors to the computer.
  • Computer Interface - data acquisition electronics that convert the scale readings to real weight. Click here for information on the interface, and computer requirements.
  • PC Software - does calculations on the weight readings and stores the data.

Types of Weigh in Motion

The two major types of weigh in motion are portable and permanent. Both systems have the same basic components.


In a portable system, the computer, and weight sensors are the portable part. A portable system is able to be set up in under 10 minutes, and can be used on any flat, hard, and level surface. This type of system can be used to weigh vehicles where a permanent installation is not feasible, or where the system needs to be moved frequently to different locations.


Permanent systems are usually installed where the scale needs to become part of the road, and the weighing is integral to other processes. Locations such as border crossings, toll lanes and shipping gates are typical applications for permanent systems.

Truck Weighbridge

Product Details:
  • Weighing Capacity: 1ton to 120 ton
  • Type: Electronic
  • Material: Mild steel (IS2062) painted with epoxy & ename
  • Size: 3.0mtr x 0.57mtr x 0.203mtr (WxLxH)
  • Weigh sensor: Axle load cell

We provide Truck Weighbridge, our this Truck Weighbridge can weight a truck while it is in Slow Speed also.


  • 1 to 60 tons per axle
  • Can take high jerk loads & continuous loading
  • Designed for 60 tons per axle
  • Capacity 1 – 60 tons per axle
  • Records individual axle weight, the number of axles, and total weight of the vehicle
  • The equipment can also detect the vehicle number and type of vehicle passing on the platform

Axle Load Cell:
  • Can take high jerk loads & continuous loading
  • Designed for 60 tons per axle
  • Capacity 1 – 60 tons per axle
  • Records individual axle weight, the number of axles, and total weight of the vehicle
  • The equipment can also detect the vehicle number and type of vehicle passing on the platform

Technical Specification:

ModelERIM Series
Weight Sensors Axle load cell
Load cells 25-tonne capacity each, stainless steel, Sealed to IP68
DesignPit Type Design
Weigh BridgeSize 3.0mtr x 0.57mtr x 0.203mtr (WxLxH)
Capacity1ton to 120 ton
Platform type coatedMild Steel (IS2062) painted with epoxy & name
Maximum axle weight60 tons
Maximum gross weight120 tons
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